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Cangro's Safety

Cangro Services Limited is committed to providing a healthy & safe work environment for all its employees & demonstrating that commitment in our everyday activities. The company appreciates its responsibilities under the Occupational Health & Safety Act & Regulations & encourages every employee to regard injury prevention & working safely as a collective & individual responsibility.

Management has an important role in ensuring the health, safety & welfare of employees. Likewise it is the responsibility of employees to report to their supervisor, as soon as possible, any hazards conditions, injury, accident or illness related to the workplace.

Also, employees have a responsibility to protect their own health & safety by complying with applicable laws & by following the company’s policies, procedures, rules & instructions as provided.

The company is committed to:

Undertaking risk management activities to adequately manage potential hazards to persons in the work environment;

Ensuring facilities, equipment & substances are safe & without risk to health when properly use;

Providing appropriate Occupational Health & Safety training to all employees;

Providing information & supervision for all employees enabling them to work in a safe & healthy manner;

Consulting with all employees & Cangro’s Occupational Health & Safety Committee or Worker Health & Safety Representative to enhance the effectiveness of the Occupational Health & Safety Management System;

Providing adequate resources to achieve the company’s Occupational Health & Safety responsibilities;

All levels of management will co-operate with the Occupational Health & Safety Committee, the Health & Safety Representative & employees to create a healthy & safe work environment;

Cangro’s President will review & sign the Occupational Health & Safety Policy Statement annually & approve any amendments made to the manual. 




 Click on link for Newfoundland & Labrador Health & Safety Regulations



Click on link for Newfoundland & Labrador Health & Safety Act