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Also known as hydro mulching, is a process of applying seed, fertilizer and mulch in a water mixture to establish the germination of seed.

You’ve probably seen a construction site or along a new stretch of highway or park where they’ve sprayed the ground with a green mixture and pretty quickly it starts growing. That’s hydroseeding and we use the same process to start fine lawns too but the primary difference is that we use a long fire hose and spray directly down at the applicators feet so we can have precise spray pattern control with almost no overspray. Using this method, we can spray a sharp line where you want your grass to start and stop.
Hydroseeding is very effective compared to other methods of establishing grass for commercial and residential grassing or erosion control, we can use your specifications or recommend what will work in your situation.
Hydroseeding is a technically proven and one of the most widely used methods of planting commercial grass projects like subdivisions, parks, schools, golf courses, landfills, dam sites and along the sides of highways. Hydroseeding is not new, it has been used around the world for better than 50 years and is very cost effective.
Erosion Control Blanket
ERO-MAT - is a natural biodegradable erosion control blanket, (made from straw and netting) promoting germination on all weather-exposed terrains. First the area is hydroseeded then ERO-MAT is manually installed and is held down with metal staples. The blanket decomposes into a natural mulch. By retaining moisture, it controls runoff and promotes the early germination of seed.
Ero-mat is used on extremely steep embankments, large drainage areas and environmentally sensitive terrain. (ie. highway slopes, berms, etc.)
Where can hydro-seeding be used?
- Residential lawns
- Commercial lawns
- Hillsides
- Roadsides
- Sports fields
- Golf courses
- Utility repairs
- Construction sites
- Parks and schools
- Cemeteries
- Erosion control projects
- Site restoration
- Re-vegetation
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