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Stone Construction

Natural and Interlocking Stone

Cangro Services Ltd can meet all your stone installation and design needs for any project, large or small.  From residential to commercial, our customer's needs are our first priority. We will work with you to create and accomplish your unique style and design with our full range of quality products and meet your deadlines too!
- Natural Stone is one of the most desired choices of materials for landscaping worldwide, and has established its place in history. There is no other material that can match it for beauty, strength, and the ability to withstand the ultimate test of time.
- Interlocking Stone products create an attractive solution for landscape or other outdoor projects by offering a wide variety of design possibilities. They are highly durable and are perfect for driveways, patios, walkways, and pool decks. Our products are stronger than traditional concrete or asphalt. They have an easy-to-maintain surface that offers a high degree of freeze-thaw durability and resists the corrosive action of oil and salt. All the interlocking products we use feature uniform thickness, weight, and load bearing strength to maximize the design options. Our products are designed to withstand the heaviest load and traffic conditions, making them the ideal, long lasting choice for residential, commercial, and municipal applications.
With the quality and excellence that our customers have come to expect, we take our work seriously and commit to the highest standards of customer satisfaction.
 The photos below are just a few examples of the beauty and versatility of our Stone Construction Jobs.
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